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Tom DeMark

Life and work of Tom DeMark

Trader and consultant, Tom DeMark has invented many indicators entirely based on what is known as market timing (ie, waiting for the right time to enter the market based on a prediction about future behavior). In fact, DeMark starts studying for the title of Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) but never got to finish it.

After graduating in Law and Business Administration, DeMark took its first steps in the world of finance in the early 70s working at the National Investment Service as financial analyst. This company managed over $ 300 million for different pension plans that invested both bond and equity. Tom DeMark showed excellent skills and began to move up within the company, getting through the crisis of the 70s. After the crisis, the assets managed by National Investment Service amounted to 6 billion.

In 1978 DeMark creates a consulting division within the company, giving market timingadvices to their customers. After some time, the profitability of this subsidiary exceeds that of the company itself which, as expected, leads to independence in 1982, at which time several managers with a total of 120 billion dollars were following his only signals on the market bond. And, as if luck was chasing this man, just before the crack of 87, one of its indicators launched a sell signal. After this, it is not surprising that he joined Paul Tudor Jones, at Tudor Investment Corporation, as EVP creating a subsidiary, Tudor Systems Corporation, dedicated exclusively to developing and trading on Tom DeMark’s ideas.

Many brokers exclusively offer many of his services and indicators, including Bloomberg, CQG and Thomson Reuters. In particular, in the case of Bloomberg, has created a service called Cursor Commentary.

Tom DeMark currently works as a consultant for Steve Cohen’s hedge fund, SAC Capital Advisors, which manages over $16 billion; curiously this hedge fund was caught in the mass closure of short positions in Volkswagen in October 2008 when Porsche announced that had bought part of the company.

Finally, a tip by Tom DeMark for novice traders: “Read a lot and try many strategies. Don’t stop trading until you’ve created a technique that can be considered objective.”

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